2. sciencetoastudent:


    This is actually a test showing how sponges pump water through themselves for filter feeding!
    They simply colored the water around them so you could easily see the process :D

    Sponges will never cease to fascinate me!

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  3. montereybayaquarium:

    Feeling trapped in your cubicle this #humpday? At least you’re not a bryozoan! This bizarre animal lives inside a tiny box-shaped chamber stuck to a blade of kelp, next to dozens of its kin.

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    (Photo: Garry McCarthy)

  4. lifeunderthewaves:

    Anenome by attsphoto Anemone on the Pacific coast.

  5. fossilera:

    This is a pretty spectacular fossil of the sea urchin Balanocidaris.  It’s 1 3/4 inches wide and fully inflated with great preservation.  The knobs of the surface is where the spines would have been attached while it was living. 

    For sale at: http://www.fossilera.com/fossils/spectacular-balanocidaris-urchin-fossil-morocco

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    Sea urchin~

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  9. montereybayaquarium:

    How do you grow a jelly? Our clever aquarists have figured it out. We were the first ones ever to display these surreal South American sea nettles after growing them behind the scenes from tiny ephyrae (babies), received from a lab in Argentina. On exhibit in the Jellies Experience!

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  10. theredshrimp:

    Sea Gooseberry, Pleurobrachia bachei

    A ctenophore/comb jelly found at the dock at Friday Harbor Laboratories, University of Washington

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